Why Is Clark Street Value Selling Retail Value’s Shares?

Retail Value is a young American company that buys real estate. At the moment, it has retail premises in shopping centers, the tenants of which are well-known companies such as Walmart, Sam’s Club, and TJX. In addition, its main assets are located in the USA, which brings more income, and in Puerto Rico. RVI, the company’s stock, plunged 50% to $3.17 in today’s pre-market session. Although, over the past month, the cost hasn’t fallen below $6.2. At the close of yesterday’s trading session, the market capitalization of Retail Value was $134.517M, while its stock cost $6.37.

Retail Value

Clark Street Value, known as an investment management venture, shared its take on Retail Value, which saw a 59% year-over-year decline in revenue, in an investor letter. The firm said that it had sold RVI after a vast liquidation dividend because it hadn’t been sure it had a good grasp of the stub value. It added that it could return because the liquidation ended. Furthermore, according to some analysts, RVI is not on the list of popular hedge fund stocks.