Why is CytoDyn (CYDY) Stock Plunging This Year?

  • The world is forgetting covid-19
  • Other diseases might be curable by leronlimab
  • CYDY is expected to move up not soon

Investors are obviously seeing a sunset of CytoDyn (OTC: CYDY) shares that were enjoying two big bumps in both 2o2o and 2021. War in Ukraine is making us forget about deadly covid-19 that killed more than six million people worldwide. The leronlimab developer CytoDyn is left behind many biotech companies that could save many lives globally.

However, it is not over for CytoDyn as leronlimab might be used for HIV and cancer having patients. The biotech firm only needs several clinical trials to prove its candidate is beneficial.

This year CYDY is keeping a bearish move while no updates are coming from the clinical trials. So investors may not be sure about its upcoming hikes in 2022. Perhaps next year it will face some bumps by entering a breakout zone.

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