Why is DarkPulse (DPLS) Gaining Momentum?

More than a week ago Russia started attacking Ukrainian sites of the president, government, and intelligence agencies. To counter these cybercrimes any European country is in dire need to protect its digital assets from hacking, cracking, and fishing.

There are dozens of companies providing such defensive services and products. One of them is DarkPulse, a tech-security firm that is developing its BOTDA dark-pulse technology that conducts a data stream of critical measures for evaluating the health and security of the infrastructure.

Perhaps, the current events in Ukraine are pulling the attention of investors to DPLS stock while it is trading below $0.10 on an average volume of 29 million shares. This week it is sharply surging from $0.0348 to $0.0614. Almost 80% rise is heating the stock during the hard days in Europe.

By the way, Darkpulse was founded in 1989, New York. This company has participated in the security field since many regional wars in Africa, the Middle East, and South Asia. This time it might get multi-million dollar contracts that can eventually push the profits by 100 times.

Two months ago the company has shared plans with the public in listing its subsidiary Optilan in NYSE. However, there is no clear update regarding that ambition that might drive the firm to the next level of expanding its business.