Why is Decision Diagnostics (DECN) Popping?

In the time of rocketing numbers of COVID-19 cases which includes even U.S president Donald Trump, testing kits became the most demanded tool for any organization that thrives to save its personnel from the pandemic. Decision Diagnostics (DECN), recently, has come out with an innovative testing Genviro tool that can detect the virus through saliva.

As India is having soaring numbers of coronavirus cases the healthcare unions have ordered more than the expected number of Genviro kits. The second most densely populated country after China may need more kits to test millions of residents. Hence, Decision Diagnostics’ revenue will likely blast off for the third quarter of 2020.

Rocketing revenue may result in a sudden rise in earnings, maybe EPS could exceed zero overnight and new long term investors will likely jump onto the DECN bandwagon right after announcing Q3 2020 financial results. Even now the stock is surging steadily to surpass the $0.30 line.