Why Is Dogs Of Elon Burning $1.5M Worth Of Tokens?

Dogs of Elon is an NFT project dedicated to Elon Musk and the K-9 movie. It includes a collection with an ERC-20 token called $ DOE (Meme Token), which will complement your portfolio flawlessly if you are a fan of such coins. The peculiarity of this project is that cryptos will no longer be produced, so they are limited (1 billion tokens). It was recently revealed that Dogs of Elon burned $ 1.5 million worth of coins to increase the value of the token and reduce their number, and then thanked the community. Furthermore, it donated $ 120,000 to a charitable organization that is involved in cleaning up the oceans.

Держатели Ethereum продают свои активы ETH в пользу Bitcoin | Bitok.blogDogs of Elon was one of the most anticipated projects on the market. Before launching, it did a presale for their token, which lasted 6 days. They could be purchased for $ 300 and no more. $ DOE went on sale this morning at $ 0.25. Since the launch, the cost has been surging. In 13 hours, the worth has jumped 64%, now it’s trading at $ 0.41. According to CoinGecko, its trading volume is $22,000,125, while the market cap is $ 44,685,853