Why Is Everyone Talking About Cardano?

The Crypto market has many players and every day new coins are joining with continuous speed. While some of them don’t attract any attention others have too much of it. A clear example of this is Cardano (ADA). Despite, the token has lost 1% during the current trading session it has been surging for the last week. The total market capitalization of the cryptocurrency for today is $70,792,321,349, which brings up the coin in 3rd place among the other cryptocurrencies. The total supply of the coin is 45,000,000,000 when the circulating supply 32,066,390,668.

As the report from the Greyscale states, Cardano is an undervalued digital asset that differentiates itself from other digital assets. Furthermore, the latest Cardano’s upgrade, ‘Alonzo’, which includes the rollout of smart contract, is a difference-maker in their mission to overturn Ethereum. According to the report Cardano underestimated crypto and can’t be compared with a similar networks.