Why Is Exicure Stock Soaring Significantly Despite No News?

Exicure, Inc., a big clinical-stage biotechnology company that focuses on therapeutics for neurology, immuno-oncology, inflammatory diseases, etc. After a sharp drop on Thursday to $0.1581, now it is gaining momentum four days in a row. The stock has reached almost $0.2445, resulting in a 16% growth with a trading volume of 39 million shares. However, during the five days, the stock market of Exicure soared more than 65%. This is an unexpected bullish move for the Company, as there have been no official announcements from the Company yet.

As you know, the recent announcement was released in December, and it concerned the findings of an internal investigation and strategic efforts to limit money burn. The Company also said that it has cut its workforce by half and implemented a variety of cost-cutting measures. Despite this, let’s see why the Company’s stock price has risen so much over the past five days. We found that the main reason for this growth is that the Company is often mentioned on Reddit. Reddit mentions the company as a short-term stock that may have the potential for growth.