Why Is MetaPlanet So Attractive To Investors?

MetaPlanet is an ecosystem-based on Binance, with the mission of creating all kinds of Defi and GameFi application suites, while helping investors increase their fortunes along with the growth of this industry. To do this, it seeks to create pools of liquidity and NFTs. It has MPL currency, which was released on January 20 and costs $0.00011. Since the launch, the price has surged incredibly, namely 1050% to $0.00023 with a daily trading volume of $1.22 million as of the morning of January 21.


Several factors contributed to this rapid and large growth. First, this ecosystem is really attractive to investors thanks to MPL Swap, Exchange, MPL Trax, and the Metaverse, which are hot topics in crypto. Second, the proposed tokenomics show great promise – the matching of circulating supply and maximum supply suggests that the MPL’s market cap is not being manipulated to appear lower than it really is. However, after studying this project, many analysts came to the conclusion that this offering is risky and not safe. Before investing in it, those interested should definitely consider its pros and cons.