Why Is Planet 13 (PLNHF) So Interesting?

There are a lot of cannabis firms claiming to have huge potential stocks available in exchanges. However, few of them are trending in the eyes of traders. Planet 13 (PLNHF) uses a unique approach to acquire a huge market share in the cannabis industry.

According to Expedia, 74% of Americans prioritize experiences over products meaning that Planet 13 makes a special situation that customers will remember for a long. Las Vegas city is a place where visitors only want entertainment and surprises. Hence, 2 stores are located there; Planet 13 Superstore and Medizin Dispensary. Furthermore, in Santa Ana, California the company is opening a retail store in 2021.

In stores, Planet 13 decides to add Coffee Shop and Restaurant, experiential in-house production. In 2018 cannabis entertainment complex was opened, then phase 2 opens in 2019 to develop more products. For the upcoming 5 years, the company aims to open an additional 8 stores.

We could endlessly talk about future plans of Planet 13 but looking at existing stores one may conclude that the company has full potential to go ahead with generating revenue and lifting up the stock. By the way, OTC: PLNHF is experiencing an uptrend since mid-March of this year.