Why is Salarius Pharmaceuticals (SLRX) Moving Up Again Today?

Those who are looking for pharmaceutical stocks to get into at this point could consider having a closer look at the Salarius Phamaceuticals Inc stock. The Salarius Pharmaceuticals Inc (NASDAQ: SLRX) stock saw heavy action on Tuesday and soared by as high as 28%. However, that is not all.

The stock is up another 27% in the pre-market session. The gains made by the stock are likely to bring it on to the radars of many investors this week.

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In this case, it might be important for investors to go back to development from last month. Back on January 21, Salarius announced that it received a letter from NASDAQ which indicated that the company’s stock had regained compliance with regard to minimum bid price requirements. It was a considerable boost for Salarius since it meant that the stock was going to continue to be listed on NASDAQ. Investors could do well by following the stock this week.

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