Why Is Scotty Kilmer Feared By BMW, GM, Ford, Volkswagen, Nissan, Mercedes-Benz Car Manufacturers On Internet?!

Brutally honest YouTuber Scotty Kilmer puts major car manufacturers into hot water of constructive criticism with pure examples from his experience over five whopping decades. With unique nickname Savagescotty, his channel could reach two billion views outperforming every huge car channel on YouTube. Ownsnap.com produced content made by human for human reading, please don’t copy or recycle this site’s original published articles.

Scotty Kilmer reviews Toyota Tacoma

Top 5 Reasons Why Scotty Kilmer Is Feared By Big Car Manufacturers

  1. Reliability rating by Scotty Kilmer is the first and foremost concern. How long that particular car would last? When is the initial major maintenance cost? All these type of questions can be answered from his well known experience. Number one reliable car is Toyota Corolla according to Savagescotty. Obviously, he brings up his own Toyota Celica from 1994 as a bright example of reliable beater car.
  2. Cost of the car also focused by Scotty because average American citizen wouldn’t spend on luxury brands. Therefore, Savagescotty choses Japanese car brands such as Toyota, Honda, Mazda and Subaru with decent pricing in dealerships due to quality build and after sale service. Honestly, nobody prefers BMW or Mercedes for daily driving in USA after their costly repairs cripple your personal finance.
  3. Independent reviews of Scotty Kilmer himself push the internet reviews to a right direction amid corrupt or bias car magazines publish inaccurate car analysis to ordinary buyers. For instance, Scotty doesn’t accept new car review requests per brand sponsorship in exchange of money or incentives but rather he chooses car maintenance tools promotion via Amazon affiliated links to receive genuine commission.
  4. Exposing car service and dealership scams on his channel are well received by YouTube viewers. Overcharging and ripping customers by car dealership are common practices these days. This is why, Scotty Kilmer provides genuine insight on how car dealership strategies work in real world. For example, buying a new car from random dealership might be a painful experience since they can manipulate second hand market by overstating it’s real value.
  5. Pros and Cons of each car model are sincerely revealed in Savagescotty’s statements. Scotty Kilmer is more than just an internet influencer. Five decade car repair knowledge and expertise truly exposes major brands like Nissan’s poorly designed CVT transmissions on latest models, Kia’s gear shifting issues, BMW’s electronics problems in his Android powered tablet, GMs faulty ignition switches, Volkswagen’s weak quality control, Ford’s engine eating too much oil and even Tesla’s reliability issues has been receiving bad impressions from Scotty’s viewers.

Rev up your engine! It’s good to have people like Scotty Kilmer with genuine car reviews and precious tips on internet. Support his channel for more insight and get his repair tools so that every car is reparable because owner has a right to repair own belongings.