Why is Sphere Finance (SPHERE) Surging While Crypto Market Turns Red?

There are so many reviews on Titano forks that try to offer a crazy percentage of auto staking and auto compounding in a very short period. More than two audit platforms have approved all of them to be legit.

Frankly saying, most of them have nothing valuable to offer except copied auto burning and staking protocol that has rebased time of 10 minutes minimum. For example, the new Aeterna has the shortest auto compounding and staking protocol time of 10 minutes.

There is one of them, enjoying a bullish trend since it was listed on Coinmarketcap. This is Sphere Finance, a constantly token burning, staking, compounding protocol. Its SPHERE token is steadily climbing although the crypto market bleeds. Right now it is trading at $$0.095 but yesterday 1 cent value was surpassed for a few hours.

There is one strong reason why it is continuing the surge for almost three weeks. Sphere Finance is the only auto staking protocol that has the highest KYC from Obsidian. Other audit sites have no impact on their price. They have audited Sphere’s counterparts as well but they are bleeding too together with BTC, ETH, SOL, and many more. However, it still has low liquidity as compared to Bitcoin, Tether, and Ethereum which can earn you stable daily income via trading on Paxful and Huobi.

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