Why Is SpookyShiba Durable?

SpookyShiba, a new horror genre token, was released on Halloween and quickly gained popularity due to marketing tactics. Many assumed that this project was only temporary and would soon disappear, but the phrase “Spooky Season Never Ends” appeared on the website, which indicates the intention of the business to continue its activities.

It will create several NFT-related P2E games. The SPOOKYSHIBA token is listed on CMC and available for purchase on SpookySwap and Consbit at $0.000000000017, up 6% from yesterday’s price. The market capitalization is $8,382,711 and the number of holders is almost over 25,000 today.


Why will Spooky Shiba be long-lived? It is supported by MMA fighter, Patrick Lehane. This crypto project was the first in the world to collaborate with an MMA fighter. In addition, this question will be answered by its goals: to release the Etherium bridge, thanks to which Spooky Shiba will expand by combining the two ecosystems, and to launch the dApp NFT scratch card game, which allows holders who have connected wallets to win several NFTs per day. Depending on the type of NFT, they will receive a percentage of transactions made on the NFT market.