Why is VEON Soaring 93% In a Month?

Last month was so exciting period for VEON, investors were constantly buying its penny shares while seeing a big opportunity in potentially the next Vodafone or T&T of the developing markets. VEON has invented so many platforms to ease the lives of people in Pakistan, Russia, Algeria, Uzbekistan, Ukraine, Bangladesh, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, and Georgia. It is a global achievement to serve millions and cover most part of the telecom services when these markets are still fresh.

VEON is a “buy and forget” stock

The stock is now priced at $0.7339 by being a very cheap gold mine for sophisticated investors with long-term goals. Just imagine that in a decade or five years it grows 1000%. If you have one thousand VEON shares now you will have about $1 million in your equity. Such a shining stock comes ones in a year because its EPS is positive meaning that the company is paying dividends to shareholders. A very nice penny stock with a dividend is right in front of us. What were we doing for a whole year searching for uncatchable golden fish? It is here. For sure it might contain risks. Thorough research must be done on it by an insider and technical analysis. Don’t buy stocks blindly.

veon stock