Why is Wolf Town Interesting For Metaverse Token Buyers?

For the last two years, the crypto world is getting flooded by NFT, GameFi, and P2E communities but few are successful. Today we discuss the new P2E project Wolf Town which does something unique and different when it comes to the end-user experience. While Dogelon Mars is keeping it’s plunge for couple of months, the design of the game looks like 1980s Mario or Sonic adventure games’. Currently, like Metapets the game is still under development but the Wolf Town (WTWOOL) and Wolf Town Milk tokens are available on PancakeSwap.

NFT collection

Before the game launched, Wolf Town makes its NFTs in pictures of animals sold on TofuNFT where fifty-four characters are listed. All of them have different prices and can be bought with Binance coin. According to the roadmap, the NFTs will become useful for playing the game on September 4, 2022.

wolf town