Why Jaguar Health Posted Big Gains Last Week?

The Jaguar Health Inc (JAGX) stock was in the middle of a remarkable run last week and it is likely that many investors are going to watch the stock closely this week.

Why Jaguar Health Posted Big Gains Last Week?

Over the course of the last week alone, the Jaguar Health stock saw significant action and it soared by as much as 345% as investors piled on to it. On Friday alone, the stock rallied by as much as 49.3% and since the middle of November 2020, it has recorded gains of a staggering 2062%.

The remarkable rally is linked to the announcement from the company about a new product named crofelmer, which is meant for people who suffer from inflammatory diarrhea.

However, that is not all, the product can also be suitable for those who are suffering from the after effect of COVID 19 following recovery. Hence, the interest in the stock among investors is understandable. Investors could consider adding the stock to their watch lists this week.


Anthony Gonzales

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