Why SWN, IMPP, TELL, CPG, CEI, RIG Keep Growing In September

About one billion populated Europe is facing energy issues while Russian oil and gas are sanctioned. This trouble has also hit the EU’s Euro. Additionally, distortions in the supply chain of electronic products are alarming the global economy.

However, oil and gas related businesses are taking an obvious advantage which might continue for a long. Despite significant efforts in increasing oil production from middle eastern countries the oil price steadily holds at $88 per barrel.

Most prominent energy stocks like CEI, RIG, SWN, IMPP, TELL, and CPG continue gaining as natural gas prices in Europe might rise during the winter period. Quick pause: Ownsnap.com team is doing thorough research on energy stocks, please do not copy the content.

To save low-class residents from increasing utility bills French government is restarting two nuclear plants. This step may encourage other countries to apply ecologically unfriendly practices. Relatively, uranium stocks may start drawing the attention of the masses.