Why You Shouldn’t Sell Advanced Micro Devices (AMD)

The trading session was closed at $ 105.05 on Friday. It was stable until the company announced the launch of its Radeon RX 6600 graphics card, which utilizes a single gaming architecture that covers almost all gadgets (laptops, PCs, mobile devices), thanks to which the cost jumped to a monthly high of $ 109.63.

AMD is a business with a high income. The company has every chance to increase $ 200,000 to $ 1 million by 2030. Why? It’s about to enhance its EPS by 700% from 2018. Its revenue growth will accelerate to 60% in 2021, leading to a record $ 15.6 billion in income. Furthermore, AMD doesn’t have any “sell” ratings from analysts. Therefore, it can be assumed with accuracy that its value will continue to grow and by 2030 it will have grown 5 times. Finally, Advanced Micro Devices signed an agreement with Tesla to embed chips into the Model S and Model X cars system, which is also a huge advantage for the company.