Will AMC Stock Jump Amid Crowd Drawing ‘Minions’ and ‘Top Gun’ Movies?

On the fourth of July masses are expected to crowd theatres as two long-awaited movies ‘Minions’ and ‘TopGun’ will premiere. Animations always draw the attention of families. So for ‘Minions’, there will be visitors of any age. Action-based ‘Top Gun’ is highly expected to attract youth and middle-aged fans.

‘Minions’ is already reaching $10.8 million in previews. For over four days estimates its domestic box office preview is to get up to $80 million. Back on July 4th, 2017 ‘Despicable Me 3’ had $99.02 million in domestic gross.

‘Top Gun’ was released on May 27 and still getting more visitors day by day. It is taking in over $1 billion. Later on this summer, there is a solid title on deck. Marvel’s ‘Thor’ is coming to make sky-high numbers as well.

So box offices of both films may top over a billion US dollars if Allie Canal, a Yahoo Finance reporter is right in forecasts. For sure AMC theatres are prepared for the wave but will AMC stock rise on that day?

Most movie fans do not trade stocks but few of them actually stay up to date to take advantage of the particular hype. Perhaps, the upcoming hype will make AMC stock trending, and eventually, new buyers will own the shares by expecting positive earnings for Q3 2022.

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