Will CytoDyn (CYDY) Get Out of Fragile Moves Amid Prepping COVID-19 Vaccine?

Following the announcement of a joint venture, made 3 days ago, against Covid-19, with Philippine Airlines, the CYDY stock is volatile. After the announcement, on the same day, the shares soared from $1.9 to $2.17, but in the last 4 days, the shares are rising and falling, demonstrating the ambiguity of the situation.

Will CytoDyn (CYDY) Get Out of Fragile Moves Amid Prepping COVID-19 Vaccine?

In the coming months, the corporations plan to offer “leronlimab” vaccine to the Philippines’ population. Many patients and their doctors are quite enthusiastic about the use of “leronlimab” in the CSP in the Philippines, which could raise the company’s stock.

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According to the graph, the stock price has lost value over the last six months, and they developed a plan this month to recover quarterly profit. In the coming months, the company expects a steady increase in shares, investors should watch the development of the company.

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