Will Google Cloud Protect Axie Infinity Through Running Validator Node on Ronin Network?

GameFi-based Axie Infinity is working further on making Ronin Network, a sidechain of the Ethereum network for building NFT assets, more decentralized and secure enough for play-to-earn fans.

Axie’s founder Sky Mavis shortly informed a partnership with Google Cloud which is planned to be the 18th validator for the game’s transactions. One may think malware and spyware cannot find any way through Google’s most secure cloud system.

Besides Google, there are many cloud-based giants like Microsoft, Amazon, Apple, and even Tesla. According to Sky Mavis’ security and decentralization plan, at least 21 validators are to be employed for Ronin.

Looking at Ronin’s partnerships with the cloud offering companies other Web3 projects will surely copy the same strategy to stay safe from potential attacks.

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