Will Guardforce AI (GFAI) Stock Surpass $1 Mark Today?

Last Friday Guardforce AI (GFAI) shares plummeted 30.46% to $0.3789 on a volume of 3,751,149 units. However, today in premarket GFAI is soaring 53% leaving behind penny stocks like PHUN, IMPP, OCGN. Only 0.40 left to add for breaking the $1.00 ceiling. In order to cross that value, Guardforce needs to deploy more robotics to even Western countries like the USA, Canada, Mexico.Data Centric AI Solutions | Our Solutions - Data Pillar

The recent commercialization of AI robots in Southeast Asia is a turning point for the company to prove its ability to serve mass markets overseas. Nevertheless, the robotics solutions industry may become crowded with AI developers. So, improving and developing more AI technology will surely help Guardforce to stand out from the outdated solutions.