Will Marston’s (MARS.L) Shares Bounce Back This Year?

Marston’s loses another 4.05% in Monday’s trading session. The price is circulating at 78.2 GBP. This is a 3.3-point loss since the previous close at 81.5 GBP. The company’s shares fell sharply in March when they lined up at 28.34 GBP. Before that, the price was fluctuating at around 100 GBP. Fortunately for the firm, it has started to gain momentum at the end of 2020. With a beta score of 1.69, the shares are unstable and risky. Yet, the price could climb higher in the near future.

Marston’s is a pub owner and operator in the United Kingdom. To say that 2020 was a difficult year for the company would be an understatement. As pubs throughout the country were forced to lock their doors to customers, their stock price plummeted by roughly 65% in the first three months. The company’s losses increased to over £360 million.

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According to current expert estimates, the company would lose £44 million this year before returning to profitability in 2022. This, however, assumes that lockdown limitations will not be restored in the future. As many people are getting their vaccines, the lockdown might get loosed and Marston’s will have a chance to recover from the pandemics.

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