Will Molecular Data (MKD) Jump Over $1 Mark This Summer?

Finally, stocks are back to rise further as the fed could impact the securities market positively. Chemicals products-based stocks are also rising. One of them is well-known Molecular Data (NASDAQ: MKD) with under $0.50 value.

Just today MKD pops 28% while its 97 million shares are actively traded since 9.30 am EDT. On Monday the stock could rise from $0.1087 to $0.1157 as well. Even without news, most stocks are surging. However, only a few are recovering fully.

A year ago in June MKD was riding above the $1 mark. Its negative EPS most likely pulled it down to the current price. If demand for chemicals rose this year Molecular Data could rocket immediately. Even though a net loss would not affect the stock price negatively. A significant rise in revenue is mostly expected to push MKD to recover faster.