Will Rigetti (RGTI) Rocket According to Quinn Bolton’s Analysis?

Data becomes the first crucial thing in building cloud-based integration between several devices while having a single hub, backed by a supercomputer. So, Rigetti (NASDAQ: RGTI) is building uniquely designed quantum computers to provide a computing-as-a-service platform.

Nowadays, such kinds of companies are undervalued by the masses who do not really know what kind of vital things Rigetti is doing for the future of tech.

If big tech companies announce a collaboration with Rigetti early RGTI holders will surely enjoy huge returns. This realistic assumption could be derived from the analysis of Quinn Bolton, who got second place out of 7911 analysts. He has a 66% of success rate on the TipRanks listing.

Currently, RGTI has no big attention from hedge funds and retail investors. Perhaps, next week visionary investors might start buying its shares.