Will Terra (LUNA) Survive If Do Kwon Goes To Jail?

Pre mined, ICO, and IDO based coins are extremely bashed by mineable coin fans who claim that such cryptos like Terra, Solana, IOTA, Shiba Inu, and many others have no proof of work. They also say these coins are initially created by someone who had personal financial gains and only PoW crypto has long-lasting life as it has no creator behind its mining.

Many would consider Terra as Ponzi scheme coin for its team didn’t work on reviving its stable coin Terra USD. Rather they chose to focus on rebuilding LUNA and creating LUNA Classic which is also premined. If Terra’s Co-founder Do Kwon gets in jail amid South Korean lawsuits most probably Terra will die.

If the Terra Foundation was backed by business, fiat money, or precious metal this trouble would not happen. So staying away from such coins is going to save your capital from the next crash.