Will Tesla (TSLA) Stock Fall Below $600 Next Week?

Since the end of April, Tesla stock has fallen by 18%. On April 26, it was worth $739.13, but a week later the stock began to fall until May 19. It reached $554.9. After the last closing, the shares fell by 0.29% and now trades at around $614.

Will Tesla (TSLA) Stock Fall Below $600 Next Week?

According to fool.com, a website that informs finance and business news, Tesla (NASDAQ: TSLA) stock is one of two companies, which have possibilities to be most suitable stocks to pick during Market Correction and it may help you survive market ups and downs.

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The US stock market has been highly volatile in the past few days. Consumer Price Index (CPI) compiled indicator, used to gauge inflation, and it came in at 4.2. This fact has made many justifiably nervous about the possibility that the credit and monetary policy will be tightened, which negatively affects stock.

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