Will the NEXT’s Stock Keep Going Up in Price?

Over the past six months, the NextDecade stock has repeatedly shown a sharp rise, which ended with a gradual fall in the stock price, what influenced such a volatile change? Today, after the market opens, the share price rises by 29%, indicating the best price throughout the last month.

Will the NEXT’s Stock Keep Going Up in Price?

The company, which is engaged in gas production, has recently reached a new level of competitiveness, relying on the export of goods. Many companies’ stock is surging, affected last news, however investors should pay attention to the quarterly reports, which in the worst case should show a growth of 5%.

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Looking back, we can notice, that the NEXT stock has already reached high levels as of today, however usually within two weeks, they have returned to the initial level again. Thus, shareholders should either sell the stock at its peak or hope for a long-term upsurge.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor