Will Tilray Revenues Be Strong Enough? Here’s What The Analysts Say

Today, Tilray, a Canadian pharmaceutical company specializing in cannabis, plans to publish its November (F2Q22) quarter results. And the stock market of the company reacted positively by jumping 5% to $6.75 in the pre-market trading sessions. Unfortunately, during the last week, the price has fallen from $7.51 to $6.42; it seems to be recovering this week or falling back. According to analysts, the company’s business shows significantly above the average for the peer group and considers TLRY as neutral. Let’s now look at the analyst estimate on fiscal Q2.

Furthermore, this is the saddest thing because analysts still expect the company to lose 8 cents per share compared to 8 cents in the previous quarter. Consequently, analysts forecast revenue of $174.2 million, or 3.7% more, while the previous quarter was equal to $ 168 million. Despite increased revenues, the stock price has been under pressure. Revenue has increased from $47 million a year ago to the current forecast. But also, the company’s fiscal quarter 2 for 2022 could be much worse, losing 13 cents per share, says analytics. In conclusion, TLRY investors and potential investors should likely wait until they announce their Q2 financial results today.