Will Tuscan (THCB) Regain Its Previous High Price As a Result Of The Stock Price Increase?

When you look at the stock price chart for the last six months, you can see that the Tuscan stock has dropped dramatically, especially since February 1. The price was $24.50 at the time. However, if we look at the price chart over the past five days, we can see that the price has risen significantly. On June 2, the price was 10.81 and it trades at $12.67.Will Tuscan (THCB) Regain Its Previous High Price As a Result Of The Stock Price Increase?THCB filed a revised preliminary proxy statement with the Securities and Exchange Commission today in connection with a proposed business combination with Microvast, a leading global producer of next-generation battery technology for commercial and specialty vehicles. The record date for determining the voting shareholders at the company’s special meeting of shareholders is June 21, 2021, when the business closes.

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Tuscan Holdings Corp. – a corporation formed for merging, exchanging capital, acquiring assets, purchasing stock, reorganizing, or otherwise combining two or more corporations. These statistics suggest that investors should be cautious when considering this company as a potential investment.

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