Will Vaxart (VXRT) Stock Rebound After the Recent Sell-Off?

Shares in the biotech sector can often experience considerable ups and down on the back of key events like clinical trial results or sales of intellectual property.

One of the biotech stocks to have experienced a considerable boom and bust this year is that of Vaxart Inc (NASDAQ: VXRT). However, experts believe that the Vaxart stock could be on the verge of getting into the focus of Wall Street once again. Up until February this year, the stock had managed to rally by as much as 6500% over the course of the year up until February.

In this regard, it should be noted that considerable doubts have been expressed with regard to the company’s Operation Warp Speed (OWS). The doubts have been expressed by the United States Securities and Exchange Commission and the United States Department of Justice. Reportedly the company is also being investigated regarding and that was another factor that further led to the lack of confidence of investors.

Jack Dawkins

Finance and Tech Contributor

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