Will VERU Call Option Hit $17.50 Strike Price Before January 2023?

After Veru announced its Sabizabulin has successfully reduced the deaths of 55% of covid-19 patients at high risk and the phase 3 trial could be ceased due to its efficacy, NASDAQ: VERU has more than tripled in a couple of hours. About 340 million shares volume was deployed to serve the biggest event in covid-19 battling history.

Veru stock may continue growing

Seeing the amazing results VERU will most likely keep gaining by pushing its $17.50 strike price call options to soar cosmically. However, reaching the strike price isn’t so easy, the operating management should commercialize Sabizabulin as soon as possible. Other counterparts like remdesivir, dexamethasone, anti-IL6 receptor antibodies, mRNA had such results in the first wave but couldn’t successfully fight other strains. Sabizabulin may also stop combating the most likely upcoming strains that are created through traveling in several human bodies.

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