Will Workhorse (WKHS) Stock Return To Its Previous High, or Will Everything Stay The Same?

A high price per stock can be seen on the 6-month chart, notably on February 4, 2021. The cost was $41.34. The current price is $16.27. The price has dropped sharply, but if we look at the chart for a month or five days, we can see that it is very stable.
Will Workhorse (WKHS) Stock Return To Its Previous High, or Will Everything Stay The Same?May was a dismal month for Workhorse investors. They were underwhelmed by the electric vehicle maker’s first-quarter earnings. The company, however, jumped more than 40% in June once it joined the ranks of meme stocks backed by individual investors. Today, though, the stock is reversing course, plunging by 12%. Workhorse’s stock rose the most this week, but trading volume has been increasing all week. The 30-day average daily trading volume has increased by about 50% in the last few days, as the stock has joined a group of meme companies favored by Reddit users looking to boost the stock price.

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The stock dropped sharply in May following the company’s poor results announcement. Only six of Workhorse’s electric trucks were delivered in the first quarter, resulting in revenue of $ 521,000. Despite this, the company’s market valuation was more than $ 1.8 billion as of Thursday’s end. Investors should exercise greater caution.

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