Will XpresSpa Serve Inside Airplanes?

Busy people do not have time to relax as they are always overwhelmed by their works which require them to commit with all available resources. Health and wellness are the main resources for humans to perform at a high rate in their works.

XpresSpa operates in airports where people usually wait and dedicate a special time for relaxation if there is any spa service. How about serving the busiest people inside airplanes while flying? They usually do not have time in airports because of packed business schedule. Moreover, they have no place to go inside flying planes, and the refusal rate could be low if XspresSpa offers its services in a special space of the airplane.

Airlines like Jetblue, United Airlines, or Spirit Airlines could provide a space for rent inside their airplanes. The only thing to do is to approach them with viable business partnerships.

Hopefully, soon XpresSpa may surprise its clients with several packages that could include spa services inside the airplanes.