Will You Make 10x Returns On Aurigamy (PLY) Crypto Launchpad This Month?

Whales are silently saying nasty words to Kucoin and Bybit exchanges as they allocate a limited amount of PLY tokens to each launchpad participant.

Aurigamy has made a smart choice in picking these exchanges as they are against the unfair actions of whales who must stay away from startup tokens as they need to be known in front of every ordinary trader.

On Bybit any qualified user can take part in investing 0.005 USDT worth PLY in two days. 160k PLY tokens in total will be available for a launchpad to create a stable and rising price plus easy liquidity.

The token is already being in pre-sale on KuCoin with the same price of 0.005 USDT. Advantages in this launchpad for whales are not seen here. So everyone is safe. The token price is definitely going to be multiplied by at least 5 times. You only need to have KYC verified accounts in both Bybit and Kucoin with around $300 worth of deposits to get accepted in this amazing event. If you have no accounts in those exchanges register using our referral links (of Bybit and Kucoin) to get extra bonuses for trading.

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