Wingstop Rises As Q2 2020 Earnings Expected To Show Growth

From $49.72 to $143.93 Wingstop (NASDAQ: WING) has been growing since the great recession in stock markets in mid-March. People were in fear of losing their hard-earned funds thus selling off their shares was the only way to save some cash for uncertain days of the pandemic.

Second-quarter of 2020 was full of troubles created by the COVID-19 around the world. Protests were just added ingredients to ‘the delicious soup of crisis’. So Wingstop’s revenue and earnings might show the lowest results due to the lockdown imposed by the governments.

Going online by the delivery service could even increase Wingstop’s earnings as its menu with chicken wings may remind customers of nostalgic moments of their lives. Today Wingstop surges 5.02% on a daily volume of 1,235,252 shares.

Next week on the 29th of July Wingstop’s Q2 2020 financial results come out, rise or fall will be known soon. Buying WING could still be a dangerous decision even though its EPS remains positive.