WISeKey Expects 50 Percent Increase In Revenue For 2021

WISeKey, which is a top cybersecurity company in Switzerland, announces today its prior results for a financial report by December 31, 2021. The company is expected to have high profits in 2021, exceeding the past year of 2020 and making a 50% increase. The COVID19 pandemic had a serious impact on the end market by breaking the supply chain and causing significant bottlenecks in the semiconductor sector, but WISeKey worked with suppliers and customers anyways. WISeKey reported strong results, 10% above previously announced revenue guidance.


Carlos Moreira, CEO of the company, stated that currently, the company receives an average of 1.3M dollars in orders per week. The semiconductor sector shortage is expected to continue next year, with the supply chain team to convert most of this backlog into revenue in 2022, with some delivery schedules running until 2023. There are more than $1.6 billion of the company’s chips that are used in many producing to achieve high security for clients around the world, protecting users from many viruses and cyberattacks.