Wonderland TIME Dips Today: How To Trade In November?

In the 24 hours, Wonderland (TIME) has been volatile, in other words, it has ranged with a significant value between $8.748.49 and $9.026.2. However, it has reached its peak of $9.149.69 on a trading volume of almost $84,008,035. Crypto is constantly getting more valuable, with a market capitalization of $1,745,430,514, ranking 95th. TIME is only purchased on Avalanche. This is a blockchain, similar to Ethereum, Cardano, Cosmos, Solana, and others. It has the benefit of making transactions relatively inexpensive and quick.

This platform aims to create a policy-driven currency system integrated into the AVAX network in which the behavior of the TIME token. How to trade? Firstly you need a wallet such as a Metamask, and it must connect to the Avalanche network. The easiest way is to add Avalanche and connect your wallet to Trader Joe and then switch networks. To purchase TIME, you’ll need some Avalanche funds: various Central Exchanges provide direct transfers to Avalanche (Binance, Kucoin, Okcoin, to name a few). You may also purchase Pangolin’s products straight from their website. After that, you may connect to Trader Joe and purchase TIME with your assets directly off the market.