Wonderland TIME Is Dropping 9%: What To Expect?

Wonderland price is down by 9% in the last 24 hours. There are a total of 100 thousand TIME tokens available. Wonderland is a decentralized reserve currency protocol that uses the TIME token. Its treasury is backed by a variety of assets, which gives it an intrinsic value.

Wonderland’s goal is to create a policy-controlled currency system that is native to the AVAX network. In the long term, it can be used to establish a stable and global unit-of-account currency.

Wonderland aims to achieve price flatness for a basket of goods so that the cryptocurrency industry can detach from the fiat world once and for all. TIME is a project that aims to democratize reserve finance and make it possible for crypto enthusiasts to transact without fiat currency. Its decentralized nature and discounted staking will help it gain early traction.