Would You Buy XERI, TXTM, HADV, INTV, SIRC To Test Your Fortune?

Penny stocks could give a fresh start during the bear market. Here come OTC players with small caps and microscopic prices. They usually spike crazily by making some traders regret losing past day chances.

If you are still searching for a gold mine in the OTC market you better take a look at penny stocks such as XERI, TXTM, HADV, INTV, and SIRC this summer.

Xeriant is one of the old aerospace companies with comprehensive experience in building vital parts for space ships, civil airplanes, and many more. Unfortunately, its XERI shares have been plunging from $0.2120. In May it could bounce from $0.0690 to $0.11. This kind of move may happen if any corporate update pops out.

Protext is being on the spot of discussion among top men of RSAMMD which has acquired the biotech company recently. Some reorganizational processes are happening to Protext and its TXTM stock has been revived. A bullish trend is obviously seen on its chart.

Cannabis stocks are being bearish as well now. So Health Advance (HADV) is plunging to new lows although starting to offer its CBD Wine Beverages.

While the crypto market is bleeding Integrated Ventures (INTV) stock is bearish too. Right now miners are selling their GPUs and miners to cover interests in loans. Later they might start selling their mined coins.

Surprisingly this month Solar Integrated Roofing (SIRC) is gaining but the macroeconomic situation may pull its revenue back to its initial levels. Today it could jump 17% on 2.7 million shares.