Wrapped OKT (WOKT) Pops 11%: Is It A Good Investment Right Now?

Over the last 24 hours, the cryptocurrency with fluctuations has popped by 11%, then in a couple of hours, it declined and is now trading at $71.71. In addition, the overall market cap is not available, and the trading volume consists of $4,211,889. Consequently, OKT is a proprietary token of the OKExChain ecosystem with several undeniable benefits for holders. It gives the right to vote in the community privileges for stacking and the opportunity to pay commissions more profitably.

OKT can be used on decentralized exchanges and in other DeFi applications built based on OKExChain. There will be 10 million OCT in the genesis block of OCT. It will distribute them among OKB holders participating in OK stacking on OK Ex Jumpstart. OCT uses a halving model similar to Bitcoin, in which the reward for a block is halved approximately every three years. At the very beginning, the reward for the block will be 0.5 OKT, and the theoretical maximum turnover of OCT will be about 41.96 million.

April Sanchez

Business and Tech Reporter