XMRig Miner Includes Raptoreum Coin’s GhostRider Algorithm Within HiveOS

XMRig just storms in to Raptoreum CPU mining party with GhostRider algorithm. Guys from CPUMiner Opt GR won’t be happy when a monster arrived with huge ambitions to decentralize Raptoreum blockchain network for good. For the past six month since Raptoreum mining inception the developer of CPUMiner Opt GR has kept donation fee percentage too high around 1.75% if miners aren’t mining inside flockpool. Whereas XMRig developer donation fee is set at 1% only.

The Ultimate Mining Platform Hive OS ownsnap.com hashrate
Hashraptor YT channel monitors GPU mining farm through HiveOS app

HiveOS is executing an incredible updates so quick till miners cannot keep up with new changes. Anyhow, including XMRig’s GR hard fork was the best decision to help Raptoreum community grow better in decentralized CPU mining era. Famous CPU mining enthusiast Rabid Mining YT channel has made an awesome setup tutorial for HiveOS Raptoreum mining flight sheet with XMRig New GR miner.

Mining RAPTOREUM XMRIG HiveOS how to setup flightsheet ownsnap.com hashrate

Amazingly, mining on HiveOS is much easier than Windows one due to less CPU overhead within dedicated mining Linux environment made simple and practical. Overall, CPU mining is getting much popular thanks to ASIC or FPGA resistant Proof of Work algorithms like RandomX and GhostRider. Especially, large level3 cache sized AMD Ryzen CPUs excel in crypto mining aspects.

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