XRP Gains 0.1%: What’s The Function Of This Token?

The 24-hour chart shows the growth of the token only by $ 0.001. XPR cost, which was $ 0.944 before midnight, dropped 0.8% by the morning. However, it gained sharply from the lowest price to the highest $ 0.980, up 4.7%. During the last 10 hours, the worth has been declining. By this time, it has plunged 3.5%. Its Market Cap Rating is #6 and a trading volume is $3,473,269,004.

Сооснователь Ripple Джед Маккалеб продал еще 29,5 млн XRP |There are many currencies that can’t be converted directly into each other. But if you want to do it, you need to convert A currency into B currency by means of a dollar. In this case, the US dollar is the mediator, which acts as a global bridge connecting different currencies. XRP performs the same role but has the advantage of being much cheaper than the US dollar. The transaction cost on Ripple protocol is about 0.00001 XRP, and now the price of 1 XRP is about $0.15. Furthermore, the average speed of XRP transactions is 4 seconds while the speed of Bitcoin transactions is 10 minutes.