Xtant Medical (XTNT) Hits New High Last Week: Will The Rally Continue?

Investors are expected to watch the price action closely when it comes to the Xtant Medical (NYSE: XTNT) stock today following the massive gains this past Friday. Although there was no news about the company on Friday, the Xtant stock rallied impressively and managed to clock gains of as big as 124%.

Xtant Medical (XTNT) Hits New High Last Week: Will The Rally Continue?

More importantly, the traded volume in the stock had gone through the roof. The number of shares of Xtant that were traded on Friday hit 101 million shares at one point.

To put it into perspective, the average daily trading volume of the stock stands at only 253,000 shares. While there has been no solid development, there has been a lot of speculation about Xtant stock on social media platforms. Such pump and dump schemes have been seen in recent days with regard to other stocks. Hence, investors need to be careful when it comes to actually invest in Xtant at this point. However, it might be a good idea to keep a close eye on any news about the company.

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