You Can Be Rewarded With Basic Attention Token For Attention

In fact, the current price is no different from yesterday’s, even if it rapidly plummeted as well as pop during this period. At the lowest price, the token was trading closer to the morning at $ 0.699, while the highest worth was reached tonight at $ 0.725, growing by 3.7%. Brave Rewards is based on the Basic Attention Token (BAT), a new way to value attention that brings users, content creators, and advertisers together. Furthermore, BAT is an incentive token built into the browser to reward all players in the ecosystem.

Basic Attention Token (BAT) Profile - Metal BlogThe value proposition of the Brave Browser lies in its privacy-focused advertising that doesn’t track users. When users browse the web and choose an ad on Brave, they are rewarded with BAT for attention. Publishers also get a share of BAT if they can retain quality users, while advertisers get more bang for their advertising by being able to reach a quality audience that is willing to pay attention to ads.