You Will Receive Incentive Rewards In Case Of Kusama (KSM) Token Blocking

KSM was trading at $ 335.83 yesterday at this time. The cost of the token has decreased by 5% in 24 hours. After hitting a daily low of $ 308.85, it rose to $ 320.38. It has a circulating supply of 9M KSM tokens and a total supply of 10M. Kusama is a blockchain network using the same codebase as Polkadot. It’s composed of multi-chain architecture. These chains are connected to each other on the network through the lease of a slot in the Relay Chain.

Acala and Blockdaemon: liquid staking Polkadot and Kusama – D1SoftballNews.comTo raise enough KSM to secure the slot, projects may opt for a parachain loan offer to attract KSM from the public. Holders will need to link and block their KSM tokens to the project. Since the participants in the auction run the risk of blocking their KSM, projects usually offer some kind of incentive rewards, one of the options for them is to offer their own token in the event of a network launch.