YRC’s Possible Purchases From Tesla and Nikola Might Increase Zero Emission Trucks’ Number On the Road

As Tesla Semi is seen on the road shipping Tesla cars soon heavy truck drivers might consider using electric heavy trucks for long journeys. To employ them massively there should be a logistics company that has a significant amount of trucks that could be replaced.

YRC Worldwide is one of the biggest logistics corporations which is able to order as many electric trucks as possible if a tech-fin company comes with a mutual offer. Here, Ideanomics or SoftBank could aid financially in order to keep the air clean.

As all people know diesel-fueled heavy trucks emit huge CO2 onto the air, thus, making icebergs in northern regions melt quickly. As a result, coastal areas are in serious danger.

Nikola heavy trucks may also be alternative if Tesla Semi can’t go for a longer range. Hydrogen fuel cells perfectly replace finished electric power in the battery. Between different states and countries, there are already hydrogen fuelling and power charging stations as tech-focused investors are optimistic about renewable energy’s bright future.