Zcoin guarantees security while South East Asia using it to transfer hard cash

Zcoin’s official twitter account announced the following update:

Here from the 2nd of October, a possible interesting technique proposed by Cargo Dog may yield huge performance gains for Zcoin. Lelantus is planning to dive deeper once public Lelantus Testnet is launched.

Quoting an interesting fact is that Zcoin official was used in the election of a democratic party leader in Thailand using Zcoin to receive the votes was a great example of achieving scalability and real-world usage of blockchains. Zcoin is upright now ahead of the markets up 2.3 in these last 24 hours sitting currently at 3.84 cents.

More about what Zcoin has to offer here on mintpond.com talking not only about those democratic elections in Thailand but all the other features and applications and advantages of this project Zcoin’s features and contributions to the world.