Zomedica (ZOM) Stock is On The Verge Of Breaking $1 Level: Now What?

Zomedica Corp (NYSEAMERICAN:ZOM) is a speculative bet in the emerging pet-care diagnostics industry. The company commenced commercialization of its Truforma platform for pet diagnostics.

Zomedica (ZOM) Stock is On The Verge Of Breaking $1 Level: Now What?

In recent months the stock slumped, and investors who might charge the company based on that could miss a bigger picture. Zomedica has the potential of rising significantly, and there is an opportunity to pick the shares and hold them.

The stock will soar if Zomedica impresses vet clinics regarding the use of its Truforma Platform. The company needs to create a direct sales team to help it achieve this. Zomedica started selling Truforma, its point-of-care veterinary diagnostics platform, recently. The platform has cuts downtime required for diagnosis, and it is vital in canine and feline thyroid and adrenal issues. Zomedica plans to expand the assay series to other diagnostic areas.

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Truforma platform has massive potential, but it is vital to note that its rollout has been bumpy. This is a new product, and the first commercial sale was last month. As Zomedica ramps Truforma sales, it will be worth watching in the coming months.


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