Zosano Pharma (ZSAN) prepping to soar after reaching bottom $0.20

Opportunist investors should stay alert on Zosano Pharma’s stock (NASDAQ: ZSAN) as it gets a discipline review letter from FDA regarding its drug Qtrypta. Perhaps, the bottom supposes to be $0.20 since most of the investors are holding their shares waiting for good news soon. The stock will likely to rocket as soon as the investors quickly start buying the penny shares.

Not many pharma interested traders are aware of the cheap stocks because successful biotech players are luring the crowds with successful clinical trials for the COVID-19 treatment. To become crazily rich overnight one should be at the right time and the right place, who knows ZSAN can skyrocket next week upon receiving good news from media.

The stock plunges 53% now, until the market closes it can dive even further to $0.55. Adding ZSAN to the watchlist is a must if you are eager to earn quick cash by observing its moves the next days.